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GHG Reduction




Reduction of peak electrical demand by 15%.


Achieving over 100 sustainability projects, which the management of these projects is our main focus.


Actively being involved in research and education with Ontario universities and colleges about sustainability in a manufacturing environment.

Sustainability Projects


Carbon Offsets: Veriform cut their CO2 emissions by 71% and purchased Canadian offsets, becoming a first in the industrial sector to achieve 100% carbon neutrality.

Daylight Sensors Installation: Daylight sensors were installed in Veriform’s shipping area, which allow for the lights to turn off when there is bright enough daylight from outside entering the loading area. This installation created an annual saving of 5,708 kWh.

Energy Saving: The fan motor of the dust collector was upgraded to an ultra-efficient model, in order to reduce kWh demand. The motor was also re-balanced for a lower speed in order to reduce future maintenance costs. This move made a savings of 5,508 kWh.


Energy Savings: Occupancy sensors were installed on 75% of Veriform plant’s lighting. This saved an estimated 28,000 KwH/yr and had a return on investment of 1 year.

Cheque Scanning: As opposed to travelling to the bank, cheque scanning eliminates the need to do so and eliminated 1000 km of travel/yr.


Compressor Project: Installed 8 hp compressor to replace an old 20 hp compressor which will cause an estimated 0.84 tonne CO2 reduction annually.

Steam Cleaning System: Previously steam system was running all day. The system is now powered on demand which is estimated to reduce 0.45 tonnes of CO2 with associated savings of 60% annually.

Occupancy Sensors: VeriForm has initiated mounting sensors on all lighting within their plant operations. This will automatically turn lighting on/off depending on activity within the plant. This project has the potential to annually reduce 3.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions as well as $4,000 in annual savings.


Lighting Sensors: Added occupancy sensors to every bank of two or three lights in their facility bay area.

Virtual Servers: Replaced four old servers with one high efficiency virtual server.


Building Efficiency: Implemented a return air system to cut heat loss in the office. This was a low cost solution that reduced the negative pressure caused by their dust collector.


Centralized Dust Collector Installation: Setting up a new dust collection system has reduced electricity usage by 71%.

Reduced Air Compressor Power: Lowering the plant’s air compressor from 20 horsepower to 10 has resulted in a 90% energy reduction.


Installation of 10 Capacitors on Machinery: The Installation of capacitors on plant machinery has reduced emissions by 28.24 tonnes and has resulted in cost savings of $24,118.

Installation of Programmable Thermostat: Setting-up a new thermostat system has allowed VeriForm to regulate the temperature and energy usage of their air-conditioning within their plant operations. This has reduced emissions by 84.07 tonnes and resulted in cost savings of $13,911.

Disconnects on Bay Doors: Installing this system will turn off the heat when the plant doors are left open. Working in sync with the new thermostat system this has reduced emissions by 47.7 tonnes with cost savings of $7,893.

Hand Dryer Installations: VeriForm has significantly reduced the need for the use and purchasing of paper towels with the installation of several XLerator hand dryers in washrooms.

Double-sided Printing: Installed Fineprint software in all office computers allowing employees to print double sided on multiple pages, drastically reducing the use of paper by staff.