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GHG Reduction


Water Use Reduction




Achieve carbon neutrality corporation-wide by 2022


Achieve operational net-zero corporation-wide by 2030


Sustainability Projects


Reduced Use of Vestibule Heaters: Vestibule heaters were turned off for one week in order to raise energy usage awareness. This activity had zero cost and did not affect the day to day office activities. As a result of the trial, the temperatures can now be lowered on a long term basis in specific areas which are independently temperature controlled.

Waste Diversion Initiatives: Stantec encouraged waste diversion at their building by hosting an e-waste drive and hosting a litterless lunch. There are also bins kept year around to dispose of used clothing, batteries, light bulbs, pens and eyeglasses. These accompany the regular compost and recycling bins. Stantec also discourages employees from having waste bins at their desks.

Water Efficiency Awareness: Stantec provided employees with tap diffusers to be used at home, as well as water usage statistics in the building lobby


Centralised Waste System: Stantec shifted the way waste is disposed of, by placing bins for compost, recycling and landfill waste in more centralised locations throughout the work space instead of at individual workstations. This allowed them to improve their waste diversion rate, as well as encourage employees to increase their physical activity, a goal that aligns with Stantec’s employee health program

LEED Gold Certified Building: Stantec’s new building has features that improves energy efficiency, reduces water usage and reduces their GG emissions. Some of these features include a heat recovery unit and air ventilation system for efficient heating and cooling, heavier insulation, tinted glazing and reflective roofing. Water conserving features include a rooftop drain for rainwater harvesting, low-flow plumbing and flushing installations in toilets and a gravity-fed micro-wetland onsite supported by a cistern overflow.


Bicycle Initiative: Purchased four bicycles for employee use during work hours to reduce emissions. This created an initial cost of approximately $4,000.

Garbage-Can Initiative: Employees at Stantec voluntarily gave up their wastebaskets for one week. This was completed as part of an overall initiative to potentially move to a central waste system completely.


Desktop Energy Audits: Green Team continues to leave a notice on employee desks if their office equipment has been left on after hours.

Switched to 100% Recycled Content in all Printers: Anything not 100% recycled is 100% FSC certified.

Increased Waste Diversion: Accomplished through existing initiatives and a new pen recycling program through Staples (which includes all writing implements & 5 cents per pen is donated to charity).

Return Boxes for Office Supplies to Staples: These boxes are reused and Staples drivers get a bonus for every box they return.


Desktop Energy Audits: The Green Team came into the office after hours and identified equipment that was left on. They left reminder notepads on employee desks reminding them “If it’s not in use, turn off the juice”. The team continues to track any equipment that is left on.

Commuter Challenge: Week long inter-office competition, with approximately 500L of gasoline saved resulting in 1.3 tonnes of CO2 savings.

Waste Diversion Improvements: Improved bin location, type and signage and increased the number of bins to increase proper waste sorting.