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GHG Reduction




Prioritize and implement actions from the community climate action plan, Transform Waterloo Region, on a corporate and community scale


Ensure our corporation and community can adapt and are resilient to changing climate conditions


Explore new and innovative measures through collaboration with community partners and other levels of government to meet our climate change adaptation and mitigation goals

United Nations Sustainable
Development Goals

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Sustainability Projects


The City of Waterloo prioritized emissions reductions through energy efficiency and fleet. All new or renovated city facilities larger than 5,400 square feet must be at least LEED silver certified. The City of Waterloo also installed solar panels and batteries on two vehicles following a successful one-year pilot project that tested the idea on two other work trucks.

Completed the retrofit of over 8000 street lights throughout the city in 2019.


Building Upgrades: A widespread upgrade was conducted on City buildings that focused on energy efficiency; these upgrades include RTU replacements, LED lighting upgrades, occupancy sensors, BAS upgrades, low-flow plumbing fixtures, HVAC upgrades, thermal ice storage system and a chiller replacement. These upgrades in turn will not only produce energy savings, but also a reduction in water usage, GHG emissions, and operating expenses. Another building upgrade was carried out at the Button Factory, where the attic insulation was replaced with improved material.


Renewable Energy: Installed a solar and wind powered light at a fuel pump vehicle service centre and generated 165 kW hours while simultaneously offsetting 86 pounds of carbon.


RIM Park Upgrades: Installed new refrigeration controls and a new dehumidification system. This is estimated to reduce 110 tonnes of CO2 annually.

New VFD Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery: A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) was set up and is estimated to have 6,714kWh energy savings for the building


Energy Audit Recommendations (2013-2015): The city began implementing recommendations found in their Energy Audits. For information please click here

ClimateActionWR: The City was a key participant in the development of the region’s Climate Action Plan. The plan will result in 842,148 CO2 savings across the region. More information can be found by clicking here

Corporate GHG/Energy Action Plan: Passed a corporate action plan to reduce emissions by 22% per capita. And a total of 2,770 tonnes of GHG emissions. More information can be found here

Other Projects: New dehumidification units installed at Moses Springer and Albert McCormick Community Centres (Estimated GHG savings 10.3 Tonnes), New RTU’s at Service Centre (Estimated energy savings 137kWh).

Renewable Energy: Installation of solar panels at the RIM Park GreenLab.


LEED Buildings: Built three LEED certified buildings – Fire Station #4 is LEED Gold Certified, the John M. Harper District Branch Library and Stork Family YMCA is LEED Silver Certified.

Building Efficiency: Renovated HVAC and replaced all corridor lighting at City Hall.