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GHG Reduction


Water Use Reduction


Waste Diversion




Achieve Net Zero carbon emissions across all operations by 2030


Reduce waste generation and work with other organizations on anti-littering campaigns


Expanding the commitment through AET's 1% For the Trees Program, and continue to support SWR's Microforest Project for the next 10 years

United Nations Sustainable
Development Goals

Core Modules Tracked

Optional Modules Tracked

Sustainability Projects


Granted the Environment and Sustainability Award by the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce! They have also began to transition their fleet to hybrid and electric vehicles (EV), installed three additional EV charging stations bringing their total to eight, and encouraged employees to consider switching over to sustainable transportation by subsidizing staff EV purchases.

Contracted to 10 years of supporting microforest projects: Started with supporting an SWR microforest project in the fall. By the end of 2022 AET was responsible for 2,610 trees planted. 


Partnered with Blue Water Energy:  A solar array project that included the installation of a 15.45 kWh roof mounted and wall awning solar photovoltaic system, a Tesla Powerwall, and an EV charging station powered by solar energy, which supports their fleet of hybrid plug-in vehicles. The system generated 13,040 kWh of energy, making the office a net energy positive building and reduced their carbon emissions by 11,227lbs — equivalent to planting 152.5 trees!


Continued their Project Evergreen renovation of their current office space: They increased the permeability of their rear parking area by 384 square feet and planted a variety of native drought-tolerant and low maintenance vegetation. These will help to manage stormwater runoff, contribute to cleaner groundwater by filtering sediments, and act as a sound buffer to traffic. They also incorporated water management in their official business model with their Water Conservation Policy and Stormwater Management Policy.


Office Expansion: AET Group has nearly completed their office expansion with numerous sustainable features. The addition is all to LEED standards, built with reclaimed lumber and masonry materials and has the entre envelope of framing using soy-based foam insulation. There is also zoned heating and cooling so that only occupied spaces are heated or cooled. There is a 2ft overhand around the building that acts as shading during the summer and an entrance for sunlight in the windows during the winter months. Fixtures in the building are all low flow and no bottled water is used, instead there is UV filtered water.

Project ‘Plant a Tree’: As part of Project Plant a Tree, AET Group partnered with Wilfrid Laurier University and Forest Ontario to plant 572 trees (50 of these trees were planted on WLU campus).


Improved Office Space: AET Group acquired a new building that has many sustainable features such as glass walls, skylights, a living wall and LED lighting. The electricity for their current office space is 100% Bull Frog powered, and has been retrofitted to have LED lighting.

Sustainable Vehicles: All fleet vehicles have been upgraded to more efficient ecoboost vehicles. Two of the main field trucks have been improved by incorporating braking technology that turns the motor off when brakes are applied.

Improved Water Management: Collaborating with Reep Green Solutions, AET installed a fore-bay, a bio-swale, and created a rain garden.



2015 Carbon Cleanse Winner: AET was an active participant in the 30-day carbon challenge and was one of four organizations to max out their scores. As a result, AET tied for first and won the Carbon Trophy!

2015 Most Active Member Award: For the second year in a row, AET has been the recipient of the Most Active Member Award. This award recognizes the most active and involved member in the Impact Network in 2015. This award goes to AET due to its enthusiastic participation in programs, attendance at events and sharing of best practices.

Stormwater Management: Created a strong stormwater management policy in order to reduce their impact on local water resources. This policy entailed the construction of a forebay, bioswale and a raingarden, which was funded through receiving the 2015 REEP Demonstration Project Grant.

Annual Sustainability Challenge: AET undertook its 1st Annual Sustainability Challenge. This challenge ran for one month from September to October and aimed to encourage employee engagement and promote the idea of sustainable living being incorporated into daily lives. AET Employees were required to undergo and report on a list of sustainable actions that they took daily. AET experienced immense employee participation on this initiative with 95% of their workforce taking part in the challenge.


Project ‘Plant a Tree’: AET is committing a percentage of their annual profits to planting trees through partnerships with the Grand River Conservation Authority. These trees are donated as part of AET’s commitment to the community and the environment.

Energy Audit: Recently conducted an energy audit of work facilities to improve energy efficiency. This lead to lighting fixture upgrades as well as doors, windows and the furnace being replaced for more energy effective models.

Green Team: Members of AET’s Green Team have a passion for the environment, and they lead by example by practicing what they preach in their daily lives. The Green Team members are idea generators, and have been responsible for putting out innovative ideas. Some of the team’s greatest successes in 2013 include:

1. The naturalization of AET’s outside front garden with native plants, and the installation of a rain barrel

2. The implementation of a re-use cloth hand towel system in washrooms

3. Involvement in design, features to be included in our new office addition


Expansion of Fuel Efficient Fleet Vehicles: Purchased a 4 Cylinder EcoBoost Escape and a 6 cylinder EcoBoost pickup truck.


Waste Diversion: Educated staff on proper recycling/composting procedures and energy reduction/conservation measures. Also reduced waste production and energy consumption by using single serve coffee makers with a reusable filter.


Office Improvements: Re-insulated basement and replaced windows with energy star rating. Also allowed more staff to work from home reducing travel emissions and power usage at work.