Member Supports

Member organizations gain access to a shared support structure that is made up of five key pillars: Employee Services, Employee Engagement, Recognition, Best Practices and Reporting. These are provided by TravelWise staff and are intended to provide organizations with the tools they need to encourage active and sustainable commuting at their workplace.

Employee Services

Employees of member organizations gain access to three core services including Corporate Transit Passes, an online carpool matching portal, as well as an Emergency Ride Home Reimbursement Program.

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Employee Engagement 

TravelWise leads promotional events throughout the year to engage employees, and equip them with the tools and resources necessary to use alternative transportation. These include, but are not limited to, Carpool Selfie Contests, Commuter Challenges and Bike-To-Work Breakfasts. Materials and templates are provided to employers during these events to help with internal promotion.

Similarly, TravelWise provides on-site events which are tailored to members’ specific needs. These may include Lunch & Learns, Bicycle Safety Training, TravelWise orientation for new employees, and more.


A number of TravelWise Member Organizations go above and beyond to support their employees. TravelWise recognizes these organizations by providing program awards at Sustainable Waterloo Region’s Annual Evening of Recognition.

Organizations can also be recognized through website profiles, case studies and Sustainable Waterloo Region’s Year End Report.



Best Practices

Best practises and local case studies are developed by the TravelWise team using relevant research and information provided by Member Organizations. The primary goal of these resources is to foster knowledge-sharing and collaboration across the program. Examples include communication strategies used by Member Organizations, and an action planning guide for organizations that wish to improve their employee commuting methods.




Reporting is an important tool for developing strategies and measuring success. TravelWise provides several reports to members throughout the year to help them monitor progress and service uptake.

 Employee Travel Report

Employee Travel Reports focus on mode split, and what type of programs and supports would motivate behaviour change.

At-A-Glance Profiles

At-A-Glance Profiles are provided annually and show a snapshot of employee service uptake.