MemberLink |

MemberLink provides a central, collaborative space for Regional Carbon Initiative members to share ideas and resources relating to environmental sustainability. This online community offers features such as a central resource repository, a forum for continued member dialogue, and access to all tools and services Sustainable Waterloo Region currently provides.

Features of MemberLink:

  • Resources: Find the resources you need to achieve your reduction goals. You will find various toolkits and information on greenhouse gases, tips for quantifying emissions, new science and technologies, and research and global trends.
  • Online Discussion Forum: Discuss ideas and collaborate with other members outside of Sustainable Waterloo Region events. Members can speak freely about Sustainable Waterloo Region service, post questions to Sustainable Waterloo Region, or most importantly, communicate with other Regional Carbon Initiative members to discuss GHG reduction challenges and opportunities.
  • Customization of Information: Customize news feeds, including daily, weekly or monthly activity notifications about specific resources and discussions posted to MemberLink.
  • Event Registration: Register for events directly through MemberLink.
  • Event Video Archive: View past event presentations on demand to review content that has been covered in previous event seasons.
  • Events Calendar: View the monthly calendar of Sustainable Waterloo Region events and community events. Apply to have your own events included on this calendar by emailing Lisa Chapman.
  • Carbon Accounting Tool: Update your GHG accounting information using the Carbon Accounting Tool (CAT) directly from MemberLink.
  • Media: Provides news about Sustainable Waterloo Region and about the Regional Carbon Initiative members who have been featured in the media.