Workplace Benefits of Charging Stations

Organizations choose to install EV Charging Stations for many reasons, from total compensation benefits for employees to supporting positive environmental consumer choices. Stations are easy to install and maintain, and we’re here to help!

Employee Benefits

Providing workplace charging and tools to adopt electric vehicles (EVs) can present significant benefits for employees at any site. While the cost to the employer can be relatively low to provide charging infrastructure there are numerous benefits in providing the option to employees. These include increasing the total compensation package, attracting value oriented and educated employees, promoting and aligning values of environment and sustainability, reducing commuting costs, and reducing company scope 3 emissions.

Customer Service

There are numerous soft benefits that public service and customer facing organizations can realize from investing in electric vehicle charging stations. This includes alignment with corporate values, promoting a commitment to environmental sustainability, and fostering customer goodwill. Meanwhile, more quantifiable benefits include attracting and retaining desirable clientele, encouraging these customers to stay longer while their vehicles charge, and supporting emission reductions.

Brand Alignment

Providing charging stations positions organizations as a great place to do business, but also demonstrates commitment to being a responsible company. It enhances the organization’s brand as a leader in environmental sustainability.