ChargeWR | About the Program

Who We Are

Our goal is simple! We want to increase the adoption of electric vehicles (EV) and installation of charging stations in Waterloo Region through promotion efforts, organizational support, and collaborative opportunities.

Our team is based in SWR, and we work with SWR members, community member, the municipalities, EV associations and EV industry suppliers.

Why ChargeWR

Did you know that transportation is responsible for almost half of Waterloo region’s carbon footprint? 

In 2015 it was calculated that transportation in the region caused a total of over 2 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions to enter our atmosphere – the equivalent to powering 468,384 houses in one year! This was an increase from 2010, and mostly due to personal vehicles.

Understanding that electric vehicle adoption as going to a critical piece of our carbon footprint reduction, SWR developed ChargeWR, a program dedicated to promoting and increasing EV adoption and EV charging station installations across Waterloo region.

EVs in Waterloo Region

EVs adoption has increased dramatically since 2017, and the number of EVs on our roads continues to increase, from 181 in 2015 to 2,047 in 2019! 

EV infrastructure in our community has also grown, with almost 200 public charging station ports and several businesses providing employee vehicle charging as well.

ChargeWR, the Region of Waterloo and the regional municipalities also co-operated on a joint application to NRCanada in 2019, resulting in 33 new Level 2 chargers to be installed in public spaces around the region.

What We Do

We work in collaboration with various stakeholders to better understand the relationship between long term climate goals, government planning, and  incentives to promote Zero-Emissions vehicles and charging infrastructure to increase advocacy related initiatives. 

We also:

  • Provide resources and learning opportunities
  • Attend community events
  • Host test drive events
  • Provide charger installation support

For existing SWR members, the ChargeWR team can also facilitate and support charger adoption through: 

  • RFP assistance
  • Provide on-site training/employee orientation 
  • Rebate assistance 
  • Facilitating feasibility studies