The Sustainable Waterloo Region team is a diverse group of smart, talented and passionate people working together toward a more sustainable future in Waterloo Region. We believe in working collaboratively, in taking on challenging and rewarding projects, and in helping each other see results.

What’s Our Team Like?

Although we’re a diverse group, we work incredibly well together. It’s because we believe in what we’re doing, we have common goals for our community, and we share things — like values, ideas, and a strong work ethic.

Here are a few more things to know about us:

  • We actually live by our values, which means we all have a strong passion for sustainability.
  • We believe in a collaborative approach and in community-based leadership.
  • We work together with radical transparency; we’re all involved in decision-making and we all have a say in the direction the organization takes.
  • We believe in the power of conversation to get things done; in that conversation leads to action and action leads to results.
  • We’re flexible. So we all work wherever and whenever we get our best work done.
  • We value our entrepreneurial roots, we’re innovative, and we pursue new decisions that could set precedents.
  • We don’t think we have all the answers yet. We haven’t found the ‘best’ way to do things. So we’re always working to improve, and we value new voices with different perspectives.
  • We dress casually. Shoes are optional. And there are no corner offices.
  • We deeply value the contributions of volunteers – they are what drive the work of the organization. So as we grow the staff team, each new staff position must enable more volunteers to be supported.

Why Sustainable Waterloo Region?

Our collaborative work approach is different than most organizations. At Sustainable Waterloo Region, all volunteers and staff are integral to both our operations and our success. They’re part of the decision-making process on every level — whether we’re discussing potential speakers for our next event, next year’s annual budget, or what new initiative we should take on. And they’re working hard for a more sustainable future.

We offer unique opportunities for volunteers to share their expertise and learn new skills in any functional area. This includes business development, public relations, GHG & program services, marketing, human resources, finance, research, strategic planning & governance, web development, and administration.

The Sustainable Waterloo Region team brings talent and enthusiasm to everything we do. We work collaboratively to grow the impact of our organization and to make positive progress toward the environmental and economic health of our community. And we’re having fun while we do it!

If this sounds like a team you would like to be a part of, take a look at our current volunteer and staff opportunities.