Events | Reporting Series: Understanding BCorp Certification and GHG Protocol

Thu Jun 22, 1:00pm - 3:00pm  | Online via Zoom

Cost: $0-$35

As SWR Impact Network members, we’re sure you hear buzzwords, terminology, ways of thinking and ideas that can be ambiguous and new. Our Impact Network helps members achieve sustainability goals, and we use reporting frameworks like BCorp Certification and GHG Protocol to help you along the way – but why do we use them, and how can you as a member set yourself up for success? We want to help you better understand the reporting frameworks we use so you can grasp how to report, what kind of goals to set, the reasoning behind reporting and trying to achieve specific certification and goals.

Join us this June for presentations and discussion with knowledgeable experts in B Corporation and GHG Protocol to help you grasp your sustainability goals and bring you one step closer to a green future!