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Faces of SWR – Yvonne Stoll – The Human Connection!

An organization is only as strong as its people. And the people finding those people are therefore extra important. SWR’s amazing HR Manager, Yvonne Stoll helps to make sure we have all the best people for our programs and organization, and that all the measures are in place to support them. Her commitment to SWR […]

Faces of SWR – Lauren Peng

Volunteers that bring their knowledge and passions have helped to build SWR. To some, government relations might sound dull but to Lauren P they are her key interest! Lauren is pursuing a graduate degree in Global Governance with a focus on Environmental governance. Her enthusiasm for policy will help SWR to enhance connections at the […]

Faces of SWR – Liz Dirksen

Liz Dirksen spends her days as a Digital Marketing Supervisor, but that is just her secret identity. In her spare time she moonlights as our Communications Superhero/Manager! Liz leads a creative team of graphic designers, public relations and marketing professionals, who are using their extensive expertise to help us in developing a strong and consistent […]

Faces of SWR – Megan Gereghty

Since coming onboard at the beginning of 2018 as a ‘Local Policy Researcher’, Megan has continued to bring her passion for community-level climate action and environmental policy to the team, to produce ClimateActionWR’s monthly ‘Local Polity Digest’. She brings a range of skills together to research council minutes and updates from across all 8 municipalities […]

Faces of SWR – Time, Commitment, Support, Friendship – Liz Wong

Driving sustainability forward, whether it is through at events, attracting members, or supporting our shared direction … that is Elizabeth Wong (Liz Wong as we all call her – both names of course). Liz is another very long standing volunteer with SWR (she has been here longer than I have). She has worked in the […]

Faces of SWR – Olivia Paxton-Beesley

Meet Olivia, the Marketing Coordinator for Member Based Programs, tackling content and more since May 2018! Having recently completed her Master’s thesis at the University of Waterloo, she’s no stranger to education and will be attending her convocation (virtually!) for her Master’s in Environmental Science, Sustainability Management very soon. Olivia is no stranger to sustainable business […]

Faces of SWR – Michael Black

One of the newest to additions to our amazing team is Michael Black, our Web Manager. As the digital team lead for Synthesis Agri-Food Network, he is helping expand the reach of the company’s digital products and manage custom development projects for clients in the agri-food sector. When he’s not in the office, or volunteering, […]

Faces of SWR – Sarah Fries

Sarah has been an integral part of the SWR team since she came on board over 2 years ago as Marketing Coordinator. Since then, she’s worn many hats, showing her extensive range of talents and expertise. From developing communications tools, writing blogs, graphic design work, and keeping social media accounts lively and engaging, Sarah has […]