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IBM’s 16:1 Advantage by Going Green

I had the privilege of attending the Davos Energy Summit a couple of weeks ago and heard all kinds of global perspectives on the future of energy and the use of energy by countries, communities, and individual businesses.  One of the panel discussions I attended featured an amazing speaker from IBM, Edan Dionne. Edan is […]

Webinar Recap: Talking to Financial Leaders About Sustainability

On Wednesday, May 20th, we had our first Webinar Wednesday of the Spring! We were happy to have Susan Todd from Solstice Sustainability Works Inc. provide attendees information about getting financial leaders on board with sustainability actions and how to talk to leaders about incorporating sustainability into its operations. If you’ve been curious about how […]

Startup Climate Action – COVID-19 Recovery Through a Sustainability Lens

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Put the ‘Better’ in Build Back  There’s undoubtedly one common thought at the forefront of the national consciousness, “when will we get back to normal?”. But this begs the question, what is ‘normal’? And is this ‘normal’ going to be enough for Canada to survive and hopefully thrive in a post-COVID-19 economy? If we have […]

When Life Gives You Limes…

Many Ontarians are still staying home as world starts to gradually lift lockdown measures and commuters return back on the road. However, there’s a growing concern that car traffic will increase as workplaces open up, resulting in even higher greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants. So how can we prevent the automobile from dominating roadways? […]

UN Chief says Global Pandemic Recovery Should be Green

On Earth Day, the UN chief Antonio Guterres urged all governments around the world to use the re-booting of the global economy to build a healthy and resilient future for people and the planet.  After acknowledging that Covid-19 is the largest global emergency we have faced since the second world war, Guterres calls the pandemic […]

Tova’s Travels – Welcome from NYC

The first leg of my family’s trip is to visit New York City. This city is a crazy place. We saw so many things, all of which were familiar from movies and TV. It was cool to see that there is a clear business case for hybrid vehicles for the taxi companies as so many […]

B Corp and Beyond: Event Recap

Becoming a B Corp – Why and How This morning, Sustainable Waterloo Region held a breakfast event at EY to give some more insight about ways to improve your e-score, and the benefits of becoming a B Corp. The environment score (e-score) is calculated from an online assessment that measures and compares your environmental score […]

Responsible Investing – Sustainability

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“Why let your money do something you wouldn’t?” This is one of the best questions I’ve heard describing the motivation behind socially responsible investing (also known as ethical investing, responsible investment, impact investing, or environment-social-governance investing). Whatever you call it, today’s blog post is all about investing with your values. What we’ve been taught vs. […]

The Business Case for Sustainability – A Globe Perspective

Sustainable Waterloo Region is founded on the idea of there being a business case for sustainability. We know that organizations will only make a lasting change in their impact on the environment if it is good for their business. All our programs and community-based projects that we undertake are designed with this important underpinning. By […]

Introduction to the Regional Sustainability Initiative

The official launch of the Regional Sustainability Initiative is not until Wednesday, but SWR has been working on it for so long and is bursting  with excitement, so we could not wait to share some details a few days early through these blogs. As mentioned in the previous blog, the Regional Sustainability Initiative is an […]