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EV Charging Incentive Program Available for SWR Members

Joining Sustainable Waterloo Region’s flagship program -the Regional Sustainability Initiative- just got a whole lot more exciting! Our colleagues at Green Economy Canada have partnered with Natural Resources Canada to provide a unique opportunity for members to access funding to cover a portion of the cost of EV charging installation. Starting February 4th, Members of […]

EVs in Waterloo Region as an integral part of the Climate Action Plan

Climate action in the Waterloo Region provides an incredible opportunity for the uptake of electric vehicle infrastructure at all levels. Working collaboratively with the Waterloo Region and community residents provides opportunities to collaborate with a variety of stakeholders. Achieving environmental sustainability in the Region of Waterloo will require community-based efforts. At the local level, effects […]

The Benefits of EV Charging Infrastructure for your Business

November 27 – ChargeWR Climate change is one of the most important environmental issues of our time. Increases in greenhouse gas concentrations within the atmosphere are primarily due to the human activities using fossil fuels. Transportation stands as the second largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions. Venturing towards a low-carbon future requires the commitment of […]

Get to Know ChargeWR

November 20, 2020 – ChargeWR  The ChargeWR program grew out of a desire to support businesses in the Region of Waterloo with the adoption of electric vehicle infrastructure. In 2019, Council voted unanimously that the climate emergency was enduring a serious climate emergency. Through this acknowledgement, the Regional Council voted towards the development of a […]

Building Back Better Report

November 13, 2020 – ChargeWR  A publication by the sustainable business organization, Corporate Knights showcases a stirring examination of the economic recovery strategies that can be applied in the Canadian context to build economic recovery considering the COVID-19 pandemic.  This comprehensive report includes a bold call from business leaders across sectors in the technology, transportation, […]