Studio Locale aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20%

[December 15, 2022] Studio Locale has set a 20% greenhouse gas reduction target, supported by Sustainable Waterloo Region’s Impact Network. This is their first target as a Pledging Partner! Studio Locale’s target is an absolute GHG reduction target, and includes the optional Scope 3 emissions to track employee commuting. They will also report on electricity […]

Nopak Canada joins the Impact Network

[December 12, 2022] Nopak Canada is Sustainable Waterloo Region’s (SWR) newest member of the Impact Network, joining as an Observing Organization!  As a member, they become connected to an extensive network of like-minded organizations to share and learn best practices. Members in our network have invested in better understanding the impacts of their operations on […]

Research Recap: Harvesting Fog to Produce Fresh Water

With climate change posing a threat to the global supply of freshwater, water scarcity is becoming a growing concern. Moreover, in many areas around that experience drought, the burden often falls on women to travel long distances to access fresh water for themselves and their family. In light of these concerns, researchers are exploring the potential of fog harvesting technology as a key to making drinking water more accessible to rural and isolated communities.

Trees, Trees, and More Trees: A Recap of our 2022 Microforest Planting Project

Over the last several weeks, along with our community partners, we’ve had the incredible opportunity to create microforests at various locations across Waterloo Region to create a vibrant outdoor space for multiple communities for years to come. Read on to learn more about our re-forestation project and a recap of how our community partners have […]

Research Recap: Regenerative Agriculture

With climate change beginning to heavily affect agriculture, as well as a  growing world population, there is a growing concern about whether current agricultural practices are enough to provide for everyone. Current, mainstream agricultural practices are contributing to soil degradation and loss. Within 50 years, there may not be enough soil left to feed the […]

Research Recap: Hemp Batteries

Hemp Batteries

Could hemp be a vital source of energy in the future? With increasing concerns about how our primary sources of energy pollute the environment, research and projects are being conducted involving potential alternatives, including making batteries out of hemp.  What Are Hemp Batteries? Hemp is technically from the same species of plant that psychoactive marijuana […]

Research Recap: Cellular Agriculture

Will cellular agriculture become the future of farming? With increasing worries about the sustainability of food production and supply, cellular agriculture could help solve this problem in an eco-friendly way. It could also help reduce the number of animals slaughtered to provide meat and other animal products for consumption.  What Is Cellular Agriculture? Cellular agriculture […]

Celebrating Bike Month in June (and July)

People getting ready for a bike ride

Bike Month is a wrap! Six TravelWise members organised a bike event during the months of June and July. The TravelWise team supported these members by making arrangements for a bike safety check, sharing bike information and giving away bike lights and other bike accessories.  We extended bike month into July to accomodate a member who wanted […]

Launch of the DriveZero Program (formerly ChargeWR)

Electric Car

We are excited to announce the launch of DriveZero!  This Sustainable Waterloo Region (SWR) program and the work it does should sound familiar, as it is the next step for our ChargeWR program. The focus of this program was to increase the uptake and use of electric vehicles and related infrastructure through collaborative initiatives with […]