Building Envelope Assessments and Incentives

Did you know Waterloo Region has a greenhouse gas emission reduction target, to reduce emissions 80% by 2050?

Businesses play an integral role in this work. According to our 2015 inventory, industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) buildings make up 27% of our community’s greenhouse emissions, the second highest emitting sector after transportation.

Building Envelope Assessments

Whether old or new, small or large or small, all buildings benefit from a Building Envelope Assessment (BEA, sometimes referred to as a Building Condition Assessment or BCA). BEA’s use a variety of techniques to evaluate the condition of a building’s exterior envelope, to identify defects or faults that would affect the efficiency of how your building operates. By identifying any defects, you can make informed decisions about how to make your building more energy efficient, saving you money on energy and reducing your building’s carbon footprint.  

BEA Service Providers 

While your MyHeat score gives you a starting point for understanding energy loss from your building, it’s not a diagnosis. Schedule a BEA today, to have an expert help you fully understand how and where you can save energy and money.

Below is a list of BEA service providers in Waterloo Region that can help you with your next steps and provide data that will inform your next project.

Pretium Engineering IncBreslauian.miller@pretiumeng.com226-972-4964
IRC Building Sciences GroupCambridgevpinchin@ircgroup.com519.224.3456 ext. 6102
Safetech EnvironmentalKitchenerjgore@safetechenv.com226-808-5957
MTE Consultants Inc.Kitchenertkrysa@mte85.com905-808-5931
Does your business conduct Building Envelope Assessments in Waterloo Region? Would you like to be listed here? Please email to have your company added to the directory.

Financial Incentives & Rebates

Numerous incentive and rebate programs exist to help business and building owners like you, make energy efficient upgrades that are cost effective with compelling payback periods.

Let this list help you while planning out the next steps of your energy efficiency journey! Click the links to see eligibility and application instructions.

Note: Some programs are only available to customers of those service providers.

Can’t find an incentive that makes your project? Would you like to learn more? Please email us at to learn more. 

This pilot project has been brought to life by ClimateActionWR, a collaboration between local organizations and community members focused on climate change mitigation in Waterloo Region, co-led by Sustainable Waterloo Region and Reep Green Solutions. This project is part of a collaborative effort to develop Waterloo Region’s long term community Climate Action Strategy, and has been made possible thanks to grant funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.