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Get to Know ChargeWR

November 20, 2020 – ChargeWR  The ChargeWR program grew out of a desire to support businesses in the Region of Waterloo with the adoption of electric vehicle infrastructure. In 2019, Council voted unanimously that the climate emergency was enduring a serious climate emergency. Through this acknowledgement, the Regional Council voted towards the development of a […]

Building Back Better Report

November 13, 2020 – ChargeWR  A publication by the sustainable business organization, Corporate Knights showcases a stirring examination of the economic recovery strategies that can be applied in the Canadian context to build economic recovery considering the COVID-19 pandemic.  This comprehensive report includes a bold call from business leaders across sectors in the technology, transportation, […]

Webinar Recap: Creating a Carbon Budget

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On Thursday, September 10th, we were lucky to have Maurya Braun from the City of Edmonton and Karine Hertzberg and Catrin Robertsen from the City of Oslo to educate and share their approaches for advancing a climate budget in their communities. Want to incorporate a climate budget? Keep reading to get expert advice! What Is […]

Webinar Recap: Culture Gap Assessment Using the Embedding Project

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On Wednesday, June 10th, Kathryn Cooper from the Sustainability Learning Centre joined us to educate our guests on how to implement the Sustainability Culture Gap Assessment using the Embedding Project. Kathryn covers what the Embedding Project is, how some companies use the information from the assessment to shape their sustainable operations and other useful tools. […]