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Research Recap: Recycling Roads

Image of recycled roads

Could it be possible that future roads will be made of recycled materials? With increasing concerns about the waste created by construction, some are trying to lessen this issue or solve this problem by creating roads made out of recycled materials, often plastic. By doing so, they hope to create durable, longer-lasting roads while also […]

Research Recap: Eating Bugs As A Meat Alternative

Could eating bugs become mainstream in the future? With increasing concerns surrounding food shortages and supplying enough for everyone to eat, as well as those looking to eat more sustainably, many are starting to approach eating bugs as a solution to this issue. Eating bugs is a fairly well-known meat alternative but has yet to […]

Research Recap: Spray-On Solar Panels

Could Spray-On Solar Panels be the future of energy? There are many institutions and companies that are currently developing spray-on solar panels for mass production. Since spray-on solar panels can be used on uneven surfaces, this could hugely widen the amount of materials it could be used on to create renewable energy worldwide.  What Are […]

Research Recap: Robot Farming

Could robots become the future of farming? As concerns about food supply grow with the changing environment due to climate change and other circumstances, increased development in robot farming is being observed as a possible solution to these problems. However, there are also concerns that using more robots in agriculture than currently can create even […]

Research Recap: Transparent Solar Panels

Many people are aware of solar panels, used to generate electricity for buildings and offices. However, did you know that transparent solar panels exist? These transparent panels can be used for areas such as windows, buildings, and many other surfaces. This technology could, in fact, give buildings the potential to produce their own solar energy. […]