Our Team and Culture

We are a passionate mix of volunteers, interns and staff with a huge range of skills and expertise. We have grown a lot over since our early beginnings and we are extremely grateful to have such a motivated and enthusiastic group working towards achieving our mission.

Although we’re a diverse group, we work incredibly well together. This is due to the fact we believe in what we are trying to accomplish. We have common goals for our community, and we all share common values, ideas and a strong work ethic.

We have a staff team of nine and a volunteer army of 60+!

A few more points to know about our team:

  • We live by our values; we have a strong passion for sustainability
  • We believe in a collaborative approach and community-based leadership
  • We work together and are extremely transparent
  • We believe in the power of conversation to get things done; conversation leads to action, and results
  • We’re innovative and open to change
  • We are constantly looking for ways to do more and be better
  • We have fun, laugh and bring out the best in one another: everyone is well supported