YNCU – Your Neighbourhood Credit Union, provides their community members with financial services and personalized solutions; fuelling local growth and building strong relationships.

Since they joined the Impact Network in 2022, they have adjusted existing policies, taken new actions, implemented innovative programs, and made new partnerships in building and implementing their environmental initiatives. 

YNCU’s Kitchener Corporate Office is the pioneer that leads all branches with an amazing combination of green strategies. They were awarded Rookie of The Year in 2022 for their commitment to sustainability and their active engagement with Sustainable Waterloo Region activities such as microforest, clothing drive, and capturing carbon footprint. Most recently, they were awarded with Partner of the Year in 2023. This award recognizes an organization that went above and beyond in its support and participation, which is exactly what YNCU did! Currently, YNCU stands in milestone 3 as a member of the Impact Network, where they are determining the availability of resources to map an Action Plan for carbon reductions.

Additionally, YNCU became B-Corp certified in 2023, achieving a B Impact Assessment score of 81.4. B-Corp certification is a designation for a business that meets high standards of performance, accountability, and transparency. Their B-Corp certification further reinforces their commitment to being part of a larger movement that works to transform the global economy. 

Emissions Tracking

YNCU’s green team has been working hard to track the emissions generated from their operations. They have been reporting Scope 1 and 2 emissions to their membership, and beginning this year, they will be reporting to the public. Simultaneously, they are actively working to track Scope 3 emissions. These include indirect emissions from sources that are not owned or controlled by YNCU, such as purchased goods and services, employee commuting, and investments. 

With B-Corp certification came additional initiatives to boost YNCU’s sustainability: 

Batteries Recycling Program 

Improperly disposed batteries are unsafe, with the potential to cause fire hazards during waste processing, and can leach chemicals into the soil if disposed of in landfills. 

Anyone who wishes to get rid of used or unwanted batteries in Ontario can now drop them off at YNCU branches for free. Batteries collected at YNCU locations will be shipped to Raw Materials Company in Port Colborne, Ont. for sorting and processing; as of November 2023, YNCU collected 133 lbs of batteries. The Raw Materials Company separates single-use batteries into metals, minerals, plastics, and paper, recovering the entire battery to keep all materials from the landfill.

Paper-Reduction Strategy – E-signing & Digital signage 

YNCU has adjusted their existing policy and implemented an innovative initiative to reduce their paper usage, by switching to the adoption of E-signing and introducing digital signage. 

To eliminate brochures and large posters from branch designs, YNCU has started to replace them with digital signage. In August 2023, YNCU introduced OneSpan eSignatures, allowing signatures to be captured digitally, making the loan and mortgage funding process paperless. An average of 2500 signed packages monthly with 10-20 pages for typical loan and mortgage documents, e-signatures are accessible within the system and to administrative staff. This initiative is an excellent example of not only optimizing operations but also their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers and Hybrid Corporate Vehicle 

YNCU’s Corporate Office in Kitchener, Windsor and Stratford branches feature new Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers. YNCU has replaced their corporate vehicle with a plug-in hybrid electric van. EV charging has helped avoid 4,646kg GHG emissions as of November 2023; this is the equivalent of planting 119 trees!

Furthermore, YNCU also helps their members who wish to purchase electric vehicles by offering special rates on EV loans.

Renewable Energy Partnership

YNCU has partnered with sustainability solutions provider Bullfrog Power to choose 100% green energy for their Corporate Office in Kitchener. Through the Bullfrog Power partnership, YNCU will purchase 200 MWh of green electricity each year. This partnership itself is an innovative approach to reducing YNCU’s carbon footprint, supporting the renewable energy industry in Canada, and simultaneously helping to create a cleaner future and healthier world. 

Bullfrog’s green electricity comes from a blend of wind, solar, and low-impact hydropower sources. Bullfrog’s generators put green electricity onto the grid to match the amount of conventional electricity a bullfrog-powered home or business uses. No special equipment is required.

“By working together, we can access reduced pricing previously only available to much larger entities. We are excited to partner with other credit unions to reduce our carbon footprint.” – Lara Stilin, YNCU Chief Financial Officer

YNCU is also calling for more credit unions to join the lower-tiered pricing train for Renewable Energy provided by Bullfrog Power. If interested in the credit union’s lower-tiered pricing, please visit YNCU’s website to learn about the other great goals they have achieved in community and employee engagement. 

On March 27th, they hosted an event with us!

YNCU brought Impact Network an informative Lunch & Learn event on March 27, where Lucas Cerqueira (YNCU, Financial Planner) shared how to make a difference with investments. He discussed the topic of Responsible Investing (RI) portfolio, and how it aligns with investors. This virtual Lunch & Learn focused on the value/benefit RI can bring to your organization, the external growth attracted in operations, and the societal benefits from sustainable efforts. 


YNCU has supported our Microforest Program for two consecutive years, funding the planting of 200 trees at two different school sites. Not only did they fund entire sites, but they also brought out their team of energetic, positive, and passionate staff to put the trees in the ground. 

We are certainly impressed by YNCU’s dedication towards sustainability, and can not wait to see more incredible work coming! Keep the momentum going!