[January 2024] Studio Locale has increased their greenhouse gas reduction target from 20% to 60% as a Pledging Partner with Sustainable Waterloo Region supported by the Impact Network. 

Studio Locale’s increased target remains an absolute GHG reduction target, including the optional Scope 3 emissions to track employee commuting. They will also report on electricity and natural gas from their office in Kitchener. Additionally, after scoring 80.2 Points on their B-Corp assessment, and passing the risk review assessment, Studio Locale is B-Corp Certified. This accomplishment is an exciting milestone in Studio Locale’s commitment to sustainability!

“When we realized how the changes to our working model impacted our carbon footprint, it seemed only appropriate to push ourselves a bit more to see what additional tactics we could implement. The increase to our reduction target keeps us accountable. It also forces us to use our creative muscles for ways we can continue making a positive impact. 

Most importantly, we made these changes without any negative impact on our business, client relationships or team culture.

If we’re really serious about hitting the carbon reduction targets for our region, then we all need to look at how we can contribute. It’s making meaningful changes that will get us to our goals,” said Robin Mondor, Managing Partner of Studio Locale.

Studio Locale is a design and marketing agency based in Kitchener. For over 20 years, their multidisciplinary team of designers, developers, and marketers has been building brands, designing logos, creating websites, and producing marketing materials for countless businesses. At the core of the studio is a commitment to deliver communications that are authentic, responsible, and delightful.

Studio Locale has been a partner with SWR since 2016 and won Partnership of the Year in 2021 for their commitment and support in developing our visually unique Year End Reports for several years. Studio Locale’s B-Corp Certification is a greater commitment to social and environmental responsibility, exhibiting transparency and engagement with their partners and within their team. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Studio Locale and supporting them in achieving their newest targets.

“The great folks at Studio Locale have been committed to being a responsible organization from its inception, and this is the next step in their journey,” said Tova Davidson, Executive Director of Sustainable Waterloo Region. “As a small, family-owned local business, setting this increased target and their recent completion of B-Corp stats demonstrates to all our business community that everyone is part of our low carbon, just and prosperous future.”

Contact: Robin Mondor

Managing Partner


Sustainable Waterloo Region is a social enterprise non-profit that helps the local business community and Waterloo Region as a whole become more environmentally and economically sustainable and therefore, stronger.

Our Impact Network program facilitates setting voluntary reduction targets in greenhouse gas emissions, water, waste and waste diversion and provides a customized approach to inspire action and support transformation in organizations of varying sizes and industries.

Contact: Tova Davidson

Executive Director