[August 2023] Little Mushroom Catering is Sustainable Waterloo Region’s (SWR) newest member of the Impact Network, joining as an Observing Organization!

Members of our network have invested in better understanding the impacts of their operations on environmental sustainability. They use program resources to build a culture of sustainability among employees and to engage employees as sustainability advocates while also adapting policy and reducing impact through realistic sustainability targets.

Little Mushroom Catering has long been known as a committed advocate for sustainability in our region, winning many awards for their actions,” said Tova Davidson, Executive Director of Sustainable Waterloo Region. “They are now taking the next step and we are so honoured to be able to work with them. Together we will get real measurements on impact and plan the actions they can take as the next step in their journey as a sustainability leader.”

Little Mushroom Catering: Setting the Gold Standard for Socially Responsible and Innovative Food Service in Southwestern Ontario. From the first point of contact to the last delectable bite, Little Mushroom Catering has established itself as a socially responsible, environmentally sustainable, and innovative food service throughout the Southwestern Ontario region.

At Little Mushroom Catering, the philosophy revolves around the values of teamwork, integrity, and community. Whether curating a grand-scale wedding, orchestrating a lavish banquet, or presenting culinary delights in its inviting Dining Lounge, the company consistently embodies these principles. 

A hallmark of their commitment to excellence is the creation of every dish from scratch, using fresh local ingredients. They have made a commitment to buy locally with our certification through FeastOn with the Culinary Tourism Alliance. Operating from a 7000 sq foot nut-free kitchen, the company takes great pride in delivering dishes that not only delight the taste buds but also ensure the safety of all diners. Inclusivity lies at the heart of their culinary artistry, with accommodations thoughtfully crafted for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, halal and kosher-style diets.

Beyond mere culinary prowess, Little Mushroom Catering has embraced a profound sense of social and environmental responsibility. By championing sustainability at every step, the company has positioned itself as a beacon of eco-consciousness in the catering industry. From their extensive recycling and composting programs to minimizing waste through innovative practices, they exemplify the power of marrying creativity with ethical practices.

“Little Mushroom Catering is more than just a catering service; we are a reflection of our community’s values,” Stephanie Soulis remarked, the visionary force behind the company. “Our approach goes beyond delivering exquisite meals; it encompasses a commitment to nurturing the environment, supporting local producers, and promoting inclusivity.” With a reputation that precedes them, Little Mushroom Catering continues to receive accolades from clients, peers, and critics alike. Their dedication to excellence, sustainability, and community has solidified their status as a trusted partner in crafting memorable culinary experiences. “While scaling the business over the past thirteen years, I have been conscious of the need to balance the triple bottom line – planet, profit, and people. A sustainable path is one that treads lightly, with a forward-looking conscience.” 

We are thrilled to have them join our network of organizations working towards more sustainable operations in Waterloo Region, and we can’t wait to see what their first year of membership brings.

Little Mushroom Media Relations Contact:

Donovan Bestari 


Marketing Associate 

About Sustainable Waterloo Region and the Impact Network

Sustainable Waterloo Region is a social enterprise non-profit that helps the local business community and Waterloo Region, as a whole, become more environmentally and economically sustainable, and therefore stronger.

Our Impact Network program facilitates setting goals for voluntary reduction targets in greenhouse gas emissions, water, and waste diversion and provides a customized approach to inspire action and support transformation in organizations of varying sizes and industries

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