[April 23, 2023] Woodstock Hospital is Sustainable Waterloo Region’s (SWR) newest member of the Impact Network, joining as an Observing Organization!

As a member, they become connected to an extensive network of like-minded organizations to share and learn best practices. Members of our network have invested in better understanding the impacts of their operations on environmental sustainability. They use program resources to build a culture of sustainability among employees and to engage employees as sustainability advocates while also adapting policy and reducing impact through realistic sustainability targets.

“The link between human health and the environment is undeniable. Woodstock Hospital has a history of striving to protect human health today and for future generations,” said Tova Davidson, Executive Director of Sustainable Waterloo Region. “We at SWR are so honoured to be able to support and accelerate the sustainability commitments and work of the Woodstock Hospital team, and we look forward to seeing their leadership in this space take big strides forward.”

Woodstock Hospital’s mission is to provide community-oriented, personalized and quality care. Originally opening its doors in 1895, the hospital has since expanded to a new 350,000-square-foot facility with a capacity for 178 patient beds, offering new services, including Inpatient Rehabilitation, MRI technology, and Chemotherapy.

“Becoming a member of Sustainable Waterloo Region’s Impact Network is another step that continues to demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship that includes bioswales, rain garden, solar panels and electric car charging stations,” said Chris Marion, Director of Capital Projects. 

Woodstock Hospital is committed to environmental stewardship, and as part of the construction process, the hospital achieved LEED® Silver Certification. The hospital has set a target to reduce water consumption annually as part of its Energy Conservation and Management Plan. In 2021, they won the Canadian College of Health Leaders Energy and Environmental Stewardship Award.

We are thrilled to have this conscientious and forward-thinking organization join our network of organizations working towards more sustainable operations in Waterloo Region, and we can’t wait to see what their first year of membership brings.

Woodstock Hospital Media Relations Contact:

Janet Wakutz, Communications and Public Relations Officer

Woodstock Hospital

About Sustainable Waterloo Region and the Impact Network

Sustainable Waterloo Region is a social enterprise non-profit that helps the local business community and Waterloo Region, as a whole, become more environmentally and economically sustainable and therefore, stronger.

Our Impact Network program facilitates setting goals for voluntary reduction targets in greenhouse gas emissions, water, and waste diversion and provides a customized approach to inspire action and support transformation in organizations of varying sizes and industries.

SWR Media Relations Contact:  

Tova Davidson, Executive Director

Sustainable Waterloo Region