Bike Month is a wrap! Six TravelWise members organised a bike event during the months of June and July. The TravelWise team supported these members by making arrangements for a bike safety check, sharing bike information and giving away bike lights and other bike accessories. 

We extended bike month into July to accomodate a member who wanted to join in the celebration. We also joined some bike events organized by TravelWise member organizations for the public. The City of Kitchener led the way with 3 community-themed bike events.

More than 300 people attended the TravelWise events, and over 750 bike trips were logged on resulting in the following benefits:

  • 4,200+ kilometres biked (Covering a distance from Waterloo to Vancouver)
  • $1,700 saved
  • 960 kg CO2 savings
  • 130,000 calories burned

See you next year, and keep on cycling!