New member announcement. Welcome to the Impact Network, Waterloo Brewing!

Waterloo Brewing is Sustainable Waterloo Region’s newest member of the Impact Network, joining as an Observing Organization! 

As a member, Waterloo Brewing will become connected to an extensive network of like-minded organizations to share and learn best practices. Members in our network have invested in better understanding the impacts of their operations on environmental sustainability. They use program resources to build a culture of sustainability among employees and to engage employees as sustainability advocates while also adapting policy and reducing impact through realistic sustainability targets.

“As a pillar in our local community, and a leader in sustainable beverage production, we are so thrilled to announce Waterloo Brewing as the newest member of the Sustainable Waterloo Region network. Over the years, their commitment to sustainability has included the building of a leading edge, low energy brewhouse, hiring a sustainability dedicated lead, and now working with our team to measure their impact and work to reduce it! We are excited to work together through the next steps!” said Tova Davidson, Executive Director of Sustainable Waterloo Region.

Waterloo Brewing is located in Kitchener and is Ontario’s first craft brewer. Waterloo Brewing has been focused on providing quality craft beer since 1984. Waterloo Brewing’s program, Locals Helping Locals supports community business owners in recovering from the pandemic by selling the most popular brands at a reduced cost. 

“As a leader in Canada’s craft brewing space, it’s important for us to demonstrate our commitment to environmental responsibility. Partnering with Sustainable Waterloo Region was a logical next step in our journey,” said Kirk Massey, Director of Quality and Food Safety. “Their expertise will assist us in our long-range sustainability plan and setting targets, while holding us accountable.”

Even as a new member, for years Waterloo Brewing has been demonstrating strong sustainability efforts as one of North America’s most sustainable breweries. In 2015, they installed a new state-of-the-art environmentally friendly Brewhouse. They use the latest Bavarian brewing technology and equipment, which improves material utilization, lowers energy consumption and reduces waste and wastewater discharge. Further, they have upgraded their existing can line and installed a new line with energy efficient pasteurization equipment. With these improvements, Waterloo brewhouse operation require 48% less water, 32% less electricity, 52% less thermal energy and waste 80% less water than their original brewhouse.

In addition to these equipment upgrades, Waterloo Brewing has also installed energy efficient lighting, upgraded their cooling systems, installed Energy Monitoring Systems, and installed two new high-efficiency boilers to further reduce their carbon footprint.

Next for Waterloo Brewing is the investment in new eco-friendly packaging, replacing their single-use plastic shrink wrap for recyclable cardboard packaging. The company began shipping this first of their new eco-friendly packs this May, with plans for full transition in 2023.

“Sustainability is, and has been, a top priority for us at Waterloo Brewing. This most recent initiative and investment in our brands is a positive example of how we can shift towards a greener future,” said George Croft, President and CEO, Waterloo Brewing. Consistent with their long-term objectives, Waterloo Brewing continues to find opportunities to manage and reduce their carbon footprint, waste diversion and water footprint. We are thrilled to have such a community-minded member join the other 90+ organizations working towards more sustainable operations in Waterloo Region, and we can’t wait to see what their first year of membership brings.

Waterloo Brewing Media Relations Contact:

George Croft


President & CEO, Waterloo Brewing

About Sustainable Waterloo Region and the Impact Network

Sustainable Waterloo Region is a social enterprise non-profit that helps the local business community, and Waterloo Region as a whole, become more environmentally and economically sustainable, and therefore stronger. 

Our Impact Network program facilitates setting voluntary reduction targets in greenhouse gas emissions, water, and waste diversion and provides a customized approach to inspire action and support transformation in organizations of varying size and industry.

SWR Media Relations Contact:

Tova Davidson

Executive Director, SWR