We recently launched our Clean Economy Cluster Map in partnership with the Region of Waterloo, WR Community Energy, and Waterloo EDC. This Map showcases 125+ companies, research groups, and community organizations in Waterloo Region that are leading the way for sustainable innovation in buildings, transportation, energy, agriculture, waste, and more. This map demonstrates the capacity and experience we have locally and celebrates all that the region has to offer in this space and future economic growth opportunities for a prosperous future.

We heard from leaders in the space like Amelia Clarke from the Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo, Tony Bridjpaul, the Co-Founder of Miovision, Scott Higgins, the President of HIP Developments and Samantha Mudaly, Director of People, Turntide Technologies to hear their insights and what it takes to build a clean economy for our community and beyond. 

You may be wondering why we’re creating a cluster map now? Our Executive Director, Tova Davidson, noticed that our community partner Waterloo EDC had made one for industries like fintech, MedTech, AI, etc., in our community. This got Tova thinking about why we didn’t have one for the clean economy, given all the existing capacity built in our region, and thus the idea was born. From there, our talented team at Sustainable Waterloo Region held meetings with the Waterloo EDC to get the process rolling, found partners, and gained access to funding from the Region of Waterloo and Waterloo Region Community Energy to help put together this Map. 

To understand which organizations on the Cluster Map in our community do work that is connected to the clean economy, here are just a few local companies that are innovating towards a better tomorrow:

VCT Group – is a WRSI program member as an observing organization. They provide expertise in EV charging, solar net metering, energy management, and GHG consulting services that help both businesses and individuals save money on their energy bills while reducing their environmental footprints. The VCT team includes professionals like qualified electricians, engineers, energy managers, and more who can customize sustainability solutions to meet clients’ needs. 

Turntide Technologies invents and scales breakthrough technologies to optimize the way we use electricity. This organization aims to eliminate 25% of global electricity consumption that is wasted by legacy electric motors to help in the global transition from fossil fuels. 

Friendlier was started by two chemical engineering graduates, Kayli and Jacquie, who had a passion for environmental sustainability. While doing their undergrad, they had the opportunity to study abroad in Sweden, where they were introduced to a culture focused on minimalism and environmental sustainability. When they graduated, they decided they didn’t want to live and work in an unsustainable world. Thus, they founded Friendlier, where they help businesses eliminate single-use packaging through high-quality reusable food containers. 

Missed the event? Check out the Map for yourself on our website to see which organizations in our region are at the forefront of the clean economy and leading innovation for a more prosperous, resilient and low carbon future.

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