Sustainable Waterloo Region (SWR) is pleased to announce that Pfenning’s Organic Farms has joined the Regional Sustainability Initiative as an Observing Organization! As a member, Pfenning’s Organic Farms gains access to an extensive member network of organizations that share and learn sustainability best practices. 

Our network helps members improve their understanding of the impact of their operations and gives them access to our program resources. The membership helps build a culture of sustainability among the organization’s employees, and they will learn strategies to engage employees as sustainability advocates that set and achieve realistic sustainability targets.

“We are so pleased to have Pfenning’s Organic Farms as part of our network,” said Tova Davidson, Executive Director of Sustainable Waterloo Region. “As stewards of the land, Pfenning’s has always been working towards a sustainable future. This is the next step in their journey to holistic sustainability as a company, and we are excited to be able to support them.”

Pfenning’s Organic Farms is a family run local business committed to sustainability and helping their community prosper. They grow organic vegetables, grains, and legumes on their farms near New Hamburg, Ontario, and also pack and distribute organic produce grown by other local and international farmers. The Pfenning family has been committed to growing the healthiest, safest food possible since they were founded in 1981, always considering their impact on future generations and the environment. They are the first member of the Regional Sustainability Initiative that is in the agriculture industry, and we are so excited to work with them.

A field at the Pfenning’s farm

We are thrilled to be working alongside Sustainable Waterloo Region! Sustainability and land stewardship are among our top priorities as an organic farm, and we are committed to continually learning and improving upon our habits, practices, and mindsets to be more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable,” said Jessica Wynne, Sustainability Specialist and Sales Associate at Pfenning’s Organic Farms. “We believe everyone – regardless of department and role – has a vital role to play in progressing the farm towards all-encompassing sustainability, and SWR will help us clearly define and track our progress not only in agricultural practices, but in all aspects of our business. We are looking forward to discovering new ways to help us in our role as a sustainable leader in the organic industry”

Showcasing their commitment to sustainability, Pfenning’s has already begun establishing goals for themselves. They are working towards reducing and diverting waste to the highest extent possible, increasing the abundance of natural spaces/hedgerows on the farm to support biodiversity and provide habitat, corridors and food sources for wildlife, reducing carbon emissions wherever feasible, and even setting the goal to retire fragile farmland within the floodplain and restore it into a riparian habitat.

We are excited to welcome such a forward-thinking organization and look forward to the lessons we will learn from each other! 

Pfenning’s Organic Farms Media Relations Contact

Bernadette Antoniou

Marketing Specialist, Sales and Accounting

About Sustainable Waterloo Region and the Regional Sustainability Initiative 

Sustainable Waterloo Region is a social enterprise non-profit that helps the local business community, and Waterloo Region as a whole, become more environmentally and economically sustainable, and therefore stronger. 

Our Regional Sustainability Initiative program facilitates setting voluntary reduction targets in greenhouse gas emissions, water, and waste diversion and provides a customized approach to inspire action and support transformation in organizations of varying size and industry.

SWR Media Relations Contact:

Tova Davidson

Executive Director, SWR

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