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Local businesses complete in Carbon Cleanse sustainability challenge

Carbon Cleanse Featured Image

Last month, we wrapped up the 2022 Carbon Cleanse Challenge for this year and it was a huge success! The Impact Network loves this challenge as it brings together member organizations in a fun, educational and collaborative way. Carbon Cleanse is a friendly annual competition that challenges our member organizations and their employees to reduce […]

Sustainable Waterloo Region Expands Network to Surrounding Counties

Graphic that says Expanding our Impact Network

by Aisling Dennett May 26, 2022 [Waterloo, ON] Since 2008, Sustainable Waterloo Region (SWR) has been partnering with businesses and municipalities in Waterloo Region to support them in becoming environmentally and economically sustainable and strong. This year, we have expanded the geographic areas we support to include Oxford, Perth, and Wellington counties. These areas include municipalities […]

Research Recap: Recycling Roads

Image of recycled roads

Could it be possible that future roads will be made of recycled materials? With increasing concerns about the waste created by construction, some are trying to lessen this issue or solve this problem by creating roads made out of recycled materials, often plastic. By doing so, they hope to create durable, longer-lasting roads while also […]

Welcoming Novocol Pharma to the Impact Network!

Sustainable Waterloo Region (SWR) is pleased to announce that Novocol Pharma has joined the Impact Network as an Observing Organization! As a member, Novocol gains access to an extensive member network of organizations that share and learn sustainability best practices. Our network helps members improve their understanding of the impact of their operations and gives […]

So Fresh & So Clean: SWR Launches a New Brand!

If you’re looking around our website and notice that something is looking a little different–that’s because it is! Sustainable Waterloo Region officially has a new website, new branding, new names for some of our programs, and even changes to our social media channels! After a year in the making and a lot of hard work […]

Sustainable Waterloo Region is Celebrating its Annual Recognition Event!

It’s been another great year of sustainable community building and incredible transformation in Waterloo Region, and we’re so excited to celebrate everything that our members achieved in 2021 at our Annual Recognition Event.  After two years of amazing online events, we’re excited to see some semblance of normalcy and have evolv1 buzzing with energy again! This […]

Launching Our Clean Economy Cluster Map

We recently launched our Clean Economy Cluster Map in partnership with the Region of Waterloo, WR Community Energy, and Waterloo EDC. This Map showcases 125+ companies, research groups, and community organizations in Waterloo Region that are leading the way for sustainable innovation in buildings, transportation, energy, agriculture, waste, and more. This map demonstrates the capacity […]

Research Recap: Eating Bugs As A Meat Alternative

Could eating bugs become mainstream in the future? With increasing concerns surrounding food shortages and supplying enough for everyone to eat, as well as those looking to eat more sustainably, many are starting to approach eating bugs as a solution to this issue. Eating bugs is a fairly well-known meat alternative but has yet to […]

Welcoming Miovision to the Regional Sustainability Initiative

Sustainable Waterloo Region (SWR) is pleased to announce that Miovision has joined the Regional Sustainability Initiative as an Observing Organization! As a member, Miovision gains access to an extensive member network of organizations that share and learn sustainability best practices. The Regional Sustainability Initiative fosters the development of the local green economy in the Waterloo […]