This past summer, Sustainable Waterloo Region was thrilled to expand its presence to the airwaves with a new podcast, Voices of Sustainability! This new podcast aims to amplify diverse voices in the sustainability movement. Throughout season 1, hosts Savonnae Street and Lauren Peng had the opportunity to speak with BIPOC community members working in Waterloo Region and beyond. 

Want to start listening or just catching up on episodes? Read the podcast recaps below!

Episode 1:

Savonnae Street shares her experience of growing up as a Black woman in Waterloo Region, attending the University of Waterloo, and the importance of including diverse voices and perspectives in the sustainability movement, and her personal victories!

Listen first to the episode here!

Episode 2: 

Lauren and Savonnae sit down with Sustainable Waterloo Region co-op students, Nouran, Sarah, and Asiyah discuss their introductions to sustainability, identity, and what it’s like growing during a climate crisis. 

Listen to the second episode here!

Episode 3:

In the third episode of Voices of Sustainability, sustainable mobility consultant (and cycle enthusiast) Arcy Canumay discusses what it means to be the bicycle mayor of Waterloo. He also shines a light on the importance of inclusive mobility solutions. 

Listen to the third episode here!

Episode 4:

Tony Brijpaul, Co-Founder of Miovision, joins the fourth episode of the podcast. He discusses founding an innovative transportation company, how his mindset sets him apart as a socially-minded strategic visionary, and what it means to be sustainably minded in the tech industry. Plus, hear about his time at the University of Waterloo!

Listen to the fourth episode here!

Episode 5:

To close out the inaugural season of Voices of Sustainability, Haider Ishtiaq, a fellow SWR volunteer, podcaster, and student, discusses his passion for sustainability. Hear more about his incredible worldview, interest in making a difference, and his introduction to sustainability and how it’s shaping his future career path.

In this episode, we also bid a bittersweet goodbye to our hosts, Savonnae and Lauren, who were our fantastic hosts during season 1. However, Voices of Sustainability will be back with a season 2, with a new host. *Drumroll, please*… Haider Ishtiaq!

Listen to the final episode of season one here!

Now that you’re all caught up stay tuned for the release date for the second season of Voices of Sustainability! Plus, be sure to subscribe to the podcast on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts to be the first to know when a new episode comes out.

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