Our Business Development team is composed of all remote volunteers – including me! It’s an extremely rewarding and empowering experience to be part of a team that is driven to getting businesses in the area to join our programs.

When I asked them why they chose to volunteer with Sustainable Waterloo Region, their answers prove that I am privileged to lead a team like ours.

“I chose to volunteer because I am passionate about sustainability and was very excited to learn about Sustainable Waterloo Region’s initiatives. When I saw the Business Development Generalist role, it seemed an opportunity to use skills that I love using, but do not use in my day job. I feel very fortunate to have time and energy, and wanted to devote them to a cause I care about.” 

Juli-Ann, Business Development Generalist

“I decided to join SWR because I felt that it was a way for me to contribute to real and meaningful action against climate change in my community. SWR is supporting the Waterloo region in making important, sustainable changes towards a better future and I wanted to be a part of that!” 

Sarah Aterman, Business Development Generalist

Even though National Volunteer Appreciation Week has passed, I want to acknowledge my team’s continuous drive and energy!

Thank you team for everything you do and continue to do for Sustainable Waterloo Region to make our community more sustainable!

Thank You to Our Team:

  • Juli-Ann Perkins
  • Sarah Aterman