Thank you to my HR team volunteers! 

When I joined the SWR team as a volunteer myself almost six years ago, I took on the HR activities of the organization, working closely with Lisa Chapman and relying on the support of the staff team. About a year or so ago, Taginder joined the HR team, where she holds the role of HR Generalist. Earlier this year Payton joined the team as HR Coordinator – and just like that, we went from a volunteer team of me to three. 
In the words of Payton: 

My experience volunteering with SWR has been so fantastic. 

I enjoy every moment of interaction with the different team members as everyone is always so friendly and welcoming, and there’s a real positive team culture. Even though I’ve been communicating with the team virtually, everyone has always been so great to work with and I’ve never felt out of the loop when it comes to any task. 

I feel that I’ve personally been able to grow in interacting in a virtual environment and become more clear and engaged in communicating through email.

While both Volunteer Appreciation Week and International Human Resources Day (May 20, 2021) have passed,  each and every day that I work with Taginder and Payton I am so genuinely grateful for their passion, enthusiasm, energy, dedication and sense of humour that they each bring to the HR team and to SWR.   

To Taginder and Payton – thank you for being fantastic members of the HR team; for doing what you do and being who you are. It is a pleasure to work with you both!