ClimateActionWR is all about community: developing our community climate action plans, engaging the community in our climate goals, and connecting people and organizations from across Waterloo Region in our journey to an equitable, prosperous, resilient low carbon future.

That being said, we couldn’t do what we do without the support and involvement of our community members, especially the volunteers who dedicate their time, knowledge and energy into making this program a success, and contributing in such a significant way to local climate action. 

Three core volunteers carry out vital functions to help our program operate and thrive on a daily basis:

Sarah Fries

Sarah Fries, Marketing Coordinator.

Sarah manages the ClimateActionWR social media accounts, events calendar, blog writing, as well as website and graphic design work! She keeps our team up to date on what is happening in our local community, and works hard to engage community members in climate action. She is dedicated to sustainability, and her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. As a previous staff member as well, it’s been a privilege to work alongside Sarah in both a staff and volunteer capacity. 

Megan Gereghty
Sandra Biskupovic

Megan Gereghty & Sandra Biskupovic, Local Policy Researchers. 

This amazing duo gathers information on relevant municipal, regional, provincial, and federal programs, projects and policies that are expected to have an impact on GHG emissions within Waterloo Region, and incorporates it into a monthly newsletter sent out to the community. Megan has served in this role for over 3 years now, and Sandra joined the team last Fall. Together they make an incredible team, staying constantly informed, and providing a wealth of knowledge to our team, and the community through their work!

Additionally, ClimateActionWR has three volunteer ‘Sector Committees’, composed of community members, local experts, students, and concerned citizens. Each committee is dedicated to one of the three highest emitting sectors in our community’s greenhouse gas inventory: transportation, workplaces (ICI), and residential. Each year around 40 dedicated volunteers take on projects and initiatives to catalyze action toward our climate goals, and connect groups and individuals to others in the community working on similar projects. 

Sector committee launch

Volunteers make up the heart and soul of local climate action, and we are endlessly thankful to each and every one of the volunteers who make time in their busy lives to invest in our community and propel us toward a sustainable future.

A very heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you!

Samantha Tremmel,

ClimateActionWR Plan Manager