When I joined Sustainable Waterloo Region last year as the Events Coordinator, I had been told how incredible the volunteers who made up a significant part of the team were. What I didn’t expect was the dedication, energy, and commitment of these individuals. I was truly blown away by this talented group who are definitely some of the most welcoming folks around! 

Our volunteer team has been an integral part of putting together successful events for both our members and the community. I can’t imagine doing it without them!  From our talented Communications team filled with social media experts and graphic design wizards, to talented photographers, savvy fund developers, and operational support staff, the volunteers at SWR never miss a beat. 

I love that volunteers become staff, and staff become volunteers, and that the SWR family continues to grow with these amazing individuals across our community who are all united in the vision of creating a more prosperous and sustainable future for all of us. So thank you a million times over SWR volunteers. You are truly amazing!!!

Katie H.