About a year ago, I accepted a new role within Sustainable Waterloo Region, taking over the management of our all-powerful, all-volunteer Communications Team. Now ten members strong, our team is responsible for the execution of the organization’s communications strategy.

I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to lead this team of incredible people including photographers, graphic designers, and communications generalists. Their passion for sustainability, incredible work ethic, and just all-around awesomeness is incredibly motivating and inspiring to me.

Even though our team is almost entirely remote (and has been since before the pandemic!) we always make sure we’re enjoying our time together and are sure to introduce our furry friends on-screen.

“I’ve so enjoyed the connections I’ve made at SWR, and the sense of contributing to something larger than myself. Championing sustainability with a team of like-minded people has been a blast, and I’ve learned so much about how to concretely make change happen. There’s lots of work to be done, but being involved in SWR has given me some much needed hope when I think about our future.” 

Alana Rigby, Communications Generalist

“Over the last year that I’ve been volunteering with Sustainable Waterloo Region, I’ve been loving learning more about the sustainability initiatives that happen in our community. Plus, I enjoy volunteering alongside other individuals who are also passionate about sustainability!” 

Clarissa Charles, Communications Generalist

Recently, we brought on three new team members to help grow our efforts and make a difference in our community. When I asked them why they chose to volunteer with Sustainable Waterloo Region, I was again blown away by their passion. 

“I chose to volunteer with SWR because I want to learn new skills and also use my current skills to give back to the community and also contribute to a greener world. I look forward to learning more ways to do so during my time with SWR!” 

Claris Lam, Communications Generalist

“About a year ago, I started to research things I could do at home to lessen my carbon footprint. Quickly, I became interested in expanding my awareness of bigger issues. When I really started to lean into the information about the climate crisis, I felt overwhelmed and a little immobilized on how to grow my commitment and contribute more. 

I decided to start taking more tangible steps by completing the Sustainability Certificate at University of Waterloo. This is where I learned about SWR: and as soon as I did, I connected to say I was interested in volunteering. Though I have been here less than a month, I have learned so much through weekly newsletters and updates about what’s happening locally and globally, and how I can be involved. Being part of this team inspires me to do more. I look so forward to contributing to SWR’s work and increasing our visibility near and far!” 

Megan Lambe, Communications Generalist

Even though National Volunteer Appreciation Week is in April, acknowledging my team’s efforts year-round is so important to me. 

So thank you, team, for everything you do for Sustainable Waterloo Region and to make our community a better place. 

Thank You to Our Team:

  • Sefora Catana
  • Clarissa Charles
  • Jenna Eaton
  • Sarah Fries
  • Claris Lam
  • Megan Lambe
  • Elmira Persaud
  • Alana Rigby 
  • Emily Wettlaufer