Let’s Make it National Volunteer Month!

There is a week in April where the NGO community stops to thank the hardworking people that give their time to the community. National Volunteer Week is an important way to stop and say thank you!

At SWR, this week is made all the better since it always coincides with Earth Week. And these are the two things that allow SWR to have an impact greater than what our resources would allow. 

If you go to the Team section of our website, it looks like we are a huge team. We are. And many of the people on this team volunteer their time. Our unique volunteer model bring not only value to our organization, members, and impact, it has been shown to bring financial and other social returns to the community overall. This includes producing valuable, real-life work experience for recent graduates, professional development and capacity building for established professionals, and the integration of social issues into business thinking and strategy across the board. 

And so, for the second year in a row, we are going to dedicate the month of May to the work, impact, and passion of our incredibly mighty volunteer team. We have decided to look at each team in turn, focusing on what they bring to the table and how they are part of our success in reducing the environmental impact of our community. 

We also hope to bring some personality too, showing you that not only are they bringing skills (and mad skills at that!) they also bring unique perspectives, diverse histories, and beautiful energy to all that we do. 

So let me kick off our tribute to by simply saying to all our volunteer team  

THANK YOU! You Mean the World to Us!

Mother Earth World GIF by eyedesyn - Find & Share on GIPHY