Climate action in the Waterloo Region provides an incredible opportunity for the uptake of electric vehicle infrastructure at all levels. Working collaboratively with the Waterloo Region and community residents provides opportunities to collaborate with a variety of stakeholders. Achieving environmental sustainability in the Region of Waterloo will require community-based efforts.

At the local level, effects of climatic changes are contributing to increased rainfall, temperature changes and other factors affecting living conditions. Tackling climate change at the municipal level requires an interdisciplinary approach. It is essential to acknowledge the financial, health care and community development concerns. The activities of all community members contribute to the production of greenhouse gas emissions. With that in mind, the solution lies in community action that will bring greenhouse gas emission reductions and quality of life improvements.

Locally, the largest source of local emissions which accounts for 49% of total greenhouse gas emissions is the transportation sector. Electric vehicles and electric vehicle infrastructure within the Region of Waterloo is a key tool in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to create more environmentally sustainable communities. Transportation, as a focus area within the Region of Waterloo’s Climate Action Plan, has established Regional Electric Vehicle Charging Network Planning as a potential source of action planning.

As of 2020, the number of electric vehicles within the Waterloo Region community has met and exceeded expectations. Throughout the Waterloo Region, the electric vehicle infrastructure network has grown exponentially and continued to blossom. Electric vehicles and the infrastructure systems that support them are a key part of reducing greenhouse gas emissions within the transportation sector. ChargeWR, a program of Sustainable Waterloo Region, provides the consultation services required to support local businesses in taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

ChargeWR Consultation Services

If you are a business owner interested in joining the battle against climate change in a tangible way, please reach out to ChargeWR for an electric vehicle infrastructure consultation. We provide the connections and the support needed to guide business owners through the electric vehicle infrastructure process. The benefits of electric vehicle infrastructure for your business are innumerable as we shift towards a low carbon, zero emissions future.