November 27 – ChargeWR

Climate change is one of the most important environmental issues of our time. Increases in greenhouse gas concentrations within the atmosphere are primarily due to the human activities using fossil fuels. Transportation stands as the second largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions. Venturing towards a low-carbon future requires the commitment of all Canadians on a variety of fronts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

In the Waterloo Region, the growth of private charging stations in workplaces has seen a large increase. In 2019, ChargeWR worked closely with the Waterloo District School Board to install electric vehicle charging stations with Chicopee Public School. In the future, plans to install additional charging stations will take place at other schools in Waterloo District School Board.

Businesses have a key role to play in establishing electric vehicle infrastructure. Ensuring that charging stations become a key piece of the charging network will propel Canada to establish itself as a leader in electric vehicle infrastructure implementation.

Benefits of electric vehicle charging infrastructure

­­Promoting a culture of sustainability

Adopting electric vehicle infrastructure as a part of your business promotes a culture of sustainability. The image of electric vehicle infrastructure in the business parking lot promotes a curb appeal to patrons and employees that is incredibly value-oriented. Establishing a strong culture of sustainability through the adoption of electric vehicle infrastructure provides a fantastic opportunity for education.

Organizational branding

In the Waterloo Region, electric vehicle infrastructure in the private business sphere has grown in popularity but is still considered rare. For many patrons and employees, the positioning of this infrastructure is a point of conversation and interest. Aligning the sustainability values of your organization tangibly will showcase a commitment to emissions reductions. Patrons will have the option to charge their vehicle at your place of business and understand your business’ value of environmental sustainability as part of brand identity and culture.

Fleet conversion

The conversion of business vehicles to electric vehicles has a plethora of benefits for business owners. The use of electric vehicles drastically reduces fuel costs, reduced insurance costs and can be a point of attraction for potential employees and patrons. In addition, electric vehicles require less maintenance and repair costs than a petrol vehicle. Fleet conversion can be a point of business endorsement for publicity.

ChargeWR Consultation Services

If you are a business owner interested in joining the battle against climate change in a tangible way, please reach out to ChargeWR for an electric vehicle infrastructure consultation. We provide the connections and the support needed to guide business owners through the electric vehicle infrastructure process. The benefits of electric vehicle infrastructure for your business are innumerable as we shift towards a low carbon, zero emissions future.