November 20, 2020 – ChargeWR 

The ChargeWR program grew out of a desire to support businesses in the Region of Waterloo with the adoption of electric vehicle infrastructure. In 2019, Council voted unanimously that the climate emergency was enduring a serious climate emergency. Through this acknowledgement, the Regional Council voted towards the development of a climate action plan that would support climate action work and improve targets. The ChargeWR program is an essential piece of the story towards climate recovery.

In Canada, the transportation sector is the second largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions which accounts for 25% or 185 megatons of carbon dioxide production. The emissions that result from passenger and freight transportation are influenced by many factors and require a dramatic and pointed strategy to reframe. Electrification is a key piece of decarbonizing the transportation sector and shifting towards a low-carbon transportation sector. Establishing a strong network of electric vehicle infrastructure through localised charging stations will support the efforts of transportation electrification. Consumer concerns surrounding electric vehicles are emboldened in access to visible charging stations for vehicles. Providing electric vehicle charging stations in the places where Canadians frequent through work and leisure.

ChargeWR Consultation Services

Through promotional events and collaborative opportunities, ChargeWR has endeavoured to promote the adoption of electric vehicle infrastructure as a core part of placing electric vehicle uptake as a viable option within the Waterloo Region. The provision of infrastructure is a key factor in establishing a network of electric vehicle infrastructure that will support electric vehicles. Projects of significance that ChargeWR has had the privilege of working on in the past include {a suite of electric vehicle charging stations (what kind) at the Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) and} the pursuit of a grant from Natural Resources Canada for the installation of 33 electric vehicle charging stations. This project will increase the network of public chargers in Waterloo region and create a stronger network of electric vehicle infrastructure.

If you are a business owner interested in joining the battle against climate change in a tangible way, please reach out to ChargeWR for an electric vehicle infrastructure consultation. We provide the connections and the support needed to guide business owners through the electric vehicle infrastructure process. The benefits of electric vehicle infrastructure for your business are innumerable as we move towards a low carbon, zero emissions future.