Enviro-Stewards, along with a select few other members have earned the title of Masters Level members. Enviro-Stewards has been a member of the Regional Sustainability initiative since 2011, since joining they have committed to reducing their 2008 greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by 80%. They achieved this target in 2015, 3 years ahead of schedule with 21.1tonnes of CO2e reduced to-date – this is equivalent to taking 5 cars off the road!  As indicated in their annual public benefit statement, the engineering services that they provide have helped their customers avoid 200,000 tonnes of CO2e (42,600 vehicle year equivalents).

“We are so honoured to have been able to support Enviro-Stewards in this sustainability journey over the years,” said Tova Davidson, Executive Director of Sustainable Waterloo Region. “This organization has gone above and beyond in their efforts to reduce their impact on the environment. Like all our Masters Level Members, their efforts go beyond just meeting a target, they have been key in creating a better, stronger, cleaner economy in Waterloo region.” 

This September, Enviro-Stewards celebrates a milestone anniversary of 20 years in the business of helping companies improve their environmental impact.  In addition to achieving a Gold Pledging GHG Target, Enviro-Stewards is also a Certified B Corporation and believes in balancing increasing sales while reducing environmental footprints and improving social conditions, which is reflected in their ability to maintain an 83% E-Score*. They are a founding Canadian B Corporation that has been awarded B Lab’s “Best for the World” designation in every category that they are measured (environment, governance, workers, community, overall). Enviro-Stewards also founded the safe water project that empowers local groups to construct and install water purifiers in East Africa using locally available materials.  This work was featured in a TEDx talk and received an international Energy Globe award. They were also the only Canadian company to receive a Global SDG award.  

In this video, Enviro-Stewards shares about their focus on preventing problems before they happen, their thoughts on Waterloo Region and the value of being part of a sustainability network. Enviro-Stewards’ mission is to cultivate resilient businesses and improve lives in extraordinary ways.  They accomplish this with an integrated collaborative approach that finds, implements and verifies practical & affordable raw material, energy and water conservation measures. You will hear about how they converted a 100-year old building into their modern, efficient workspace and how they look at their own environmental footprint to lead by example. They apply their learning and knowledge to their engineering work which only magnifies their positive impact in the region. A 3rd party audit of 27 of their projects found that the average payback of the measures they find is 1 year and that 90% of customers intended to implement all or most of their recommendations (rather than letting them sit on a shelf). 

“We have greatly enjoyed journeying with Sustainable Waterloo Region’s team and network to become climate positive by 2018.  This accountability and transparency has been invaluable in ensuring that our own house is in order while we help our clients do the same.”- Bruce Taylor, P.Eng, President Enviro-Stewards Inc.

To hear more about how Enviro-Stewards is playing a critical role in cultivating a Green Economy, be sure to catch President Bruce Taylor on Diane Saxe’s Podcast Green Economy Heroes on August 20th.

*E-Score: The Environmental Impact Assessment is a tool offered in partnership with B Lab. This tool calculates an overall environmental score (E-Score) related to an organization’s direct and indirect environmental impacts and is 1 of 4 impact areas requiring assessment for B-Corp Certification. E-Score is a percentage score out of 100, and is used to enable organizations to measure, compare, and further integrate sustainability into their business.