And the SWR Award goes to …..

On Thursday Mike Farwell at 570 News helped us to recognize all the area municipalities and their incredible movement towards a low carbon future in 2019. This year’s SWR award for Partnership of the Year was given to the Region of Waterloo, The City of Cambridge, The City of Cambridge, The City of Kitchener, The City of Waterloo, The Township of North Dumfries, The Township of Wellesley, The Township of Wilmot, and the Township of Woolwich. 

These eight organizations have come together to not only approve our ClimateActionWR long-term community target of 80% GHG reduction in the community by 2050, but have also all joined the Partners for Climate Protection program with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. All organizations have declared a climate crisis/emergency and have joined our Regional Sustainability Initiative. Even more, six of these eight organizations have now set targets to reduce their own corporate footprint. 

This marks the first year that all of these organizations are moving forward together in this way and on so many levels. During the interview with Mike Farwell it was pointed out that this is how we do things in Waterloo Region. The best way to move forward is by working together in partnership. So very true!

But this award is not only for the elected officials. We are all so grateful to the staff that we work with everyday at the municipalities, for their ongoing commitment. The staff and senior leadership have always been so open to our ideas and for the ways we can build a better community. 

Thank you to the eight area municipalities for their ongoing support, participation, and shared vision. It is an honour to work with you!