As a recent addition to the SWR team as our IT Functional Area Manager, James has been thrown into the deep end, just a little bit! James brings with him extensive knowledge of the corporate IT world with many years of experience in the industry and a growing knowledge in web development as well. 

So when James joined the team he agreed to support both areas. And the help was very welcome.

Since joining SWR just over a month ago, James has put into place a ticket system for IT issues, started an inventory of all our equipment (including what other volunteers are using), started to ramp up our security to protect the organization and individual users, and look to our future needs. And the help is very appreciated. 

His team also works with specific softwares for specific programs including a contact management system, impact accounting tools and more! So his work is widespread throughout SWR.

And it is no surprise that James has stepped into this leadership role so seamlessly. One of his passions outside of the IT world is latin dancing! James cuts a fine rug, loving to dance salsa, bachata, merengue, kizomba, and cha cha. Every friday evening (and many other occasions) you will find him out dancing the night away (non-covid times of course). 

We are so grateful to have James’ calm, cool and collected approach to IT as part of our team. Thanks for stepping into our IT world James! Happy to have you here.