Amanda brought her passion for public policy and writing skills to the ClimateActionWR team at a very ideal time last year; ahead of the Federal Election. As our ‘Policy Researcher’ volunteer, she contacted every candidate within Waterloo Region, asking them tough questions regarding their stances on the climate crisis, and produced a robust blog series to allow the public to compare candidate responses, and educate and inform themselves ahead of election day.

Since then, Amanda has continued to give her research talents to assist with producing our Local Policy Digest newsletter, as well as creating engaging blog content for our audiences. Her Masters Degree in Public Service, paired with her passion for sustainability, has allowed our team to continually engage with our community throughout important periods such as election time, as well as on an ongoing basis to communicate local policy changes and updates.

Outside of her full time job and volunteer work, Amanda is a highly competitive hockey player and coach, and loves to travel. This photo was taken at a ranch in northern Alberta called Ya Ha Tinda, on one of her many adventures.

Thank you for all you give to our team Amanda!