Andreas has been an active member of our team in various roles for the last 8 years! He started in a research role developing content and resources for the WRSI program (back when it was called the Regional Carbon Initiative), and then transitioned into a key role in the Centre for Sustainability Excellence (CSE). This was the foundational research that led to the development of evolv1, Canada’s first zero carbon building, which houses the SWR office and team today. Andreas’ technical background and expertise helped to inform suitable building technologies and systems for the evolv1 building, and provided a great deal of research and support over the course of the ambitious project. 

Since the Fall, Andreas has been a key member of the ClimateActionWR team as a Technical Advisor as we develop Waterloo Region’s long-term Climate Action Strategy (to achieve an 80& GHG emission reduction by 2050). He’s moderated workshops and assisted with many of our community engagement initiatives, and is now shifting gears to provide his technical expertise to the development of a pilot project aimed to reduce GHG emissions from buildings. 

Andreas is exceptionally dedicated, and his passion for community sustainability emanates throughout everything he does. He’s always looking for ways to lend his skills and provide value to our work, and we can’t thank him enough for all that he’s contributed to our organization for almost a decade!

Thank you Andreas!