An organization is only as strong as its people. And the people finding those people are therefore extra important. SWR’s amazing HR Manager, Yvonne Stoll helps to make sure we have all the best people for our programs and organization, and that all the measures are in place to support them. Her commitment to SWR shows in the work she does, the time she puts in, and how much she cares about every single role in our organization. 

Yvonne is a wonder in making sure all our policies, best practices, and resources not only meet the requirements but also the needs of our team. But Yvonne is also wicked smart. She looks at the organization as a whole, identifies risks and brings forward options to mitigate them. 

Over her many years with SWR, Yvonne has brought a new level of professionalism to our HR Practice and has been so incredibly generous in helping build the capacity of the office team in her area of expertise. 

The joy of having Yvonne on the team, however is her dry wit, her sense of irony, and her incredible culinary skills (you should taste her caramel sauce!)! Yvonne is a bit quiet, but don’t let that fool you. She is funny, and insightful, and just amazing to have around. If you sit next to Yvonne during a meeting, she is all business – and so smart to boot. But when the social parts of our meetings happen, you definitely want to be next to her…. The conversation will be fantastic!

Thank you Yvonne for being so amazing, for helping us be a better organization, and for being sure we have all the right people on the team to build our better, more prosperous, sustainable future.