Meet Olivia, the Marketing Coordinator for Member Based Programs, tackling content and more since May 2018! Having recently completed her Master’s thesis at the University of Waterloo, she’s no stranger to education and will be attending her convocation (virtually!) for her Master’s in Environmental Science, Sustainability Management very soon. Olivia is no stranger to sustainable business and communication! Outside of SWR, she works as a marketing and administration assistant for LeadingGreen, a company that teaches sustainability workshops about LEED to students and businesses across North America. “Ciao” was Olivia’s first word (well, that’s what her mom says), because her family moved to Italy for her dad’s work when she was just 10 months old. So, she learned to walk and talk surrounded by history & pasta in Rome. Her secret talent is not crying when she cuts onions. The communications team is so lucky to have Olivia on board! We thank her for her positive attitude and willingness to jump in and give a hand. Thank you Olivia!