The end of earth week has come and we are thinking back not only over the past week but over the last 50 years of Earth Days. It is amazing to see how the conversation has changed in so many ways, and not in other ways. Sustainable Waterloo Region is focused on supporting the community and our local organisations in their efforts to pair prosperity and sustainability. This week we strove to highlight all the ways businesses are better because of their efforts to reduce their carbon, waste, or water footprint. There is a strong business case for sustainability and we are proud to be the support that organizations need in order to reap these benefits, and then to celebrate their actions and share them with the community. During this global pandemic we have changed how we operate our organizations, and have seen the incredible ability to adapt when the need arises. It gets me to wonder about the things that we should keep as part of our business operations to become more sustainable in many senses. Today we will be focusing on that, what are the things we want to keep and what other things we want to try to integrate. Share with us what you have learned as well as what you now see as possible ways to move your business forward on the journey to sustainability. Thank you to everyone for being part of this network, for being leaders at all stages of the journey. Whether you are just starting to talk about integration of sustainability, or you have been working on it for years, you are part of the solution. Thank you for celebrating #SWREarthWeek with us. Stay well, Tova Davidson Executive Director, Sustainable Waterloo Region