Earth day. It is hard to believe that 50 years ago was the first Earth Day. The first time that we all stopped to think about this planet we all call home. It was part of a movement that has grown and evolved to become much bigger, drawing governments and organizations from around the world to make pledges, and for climate change to become known as the greatest issue to face humanity.  Even today, amid this trying times of a global pandemic, there is an acknowledgement that we need to be thinking about how to change the way we live and work, as we return to our normal lives. This change must be about how we strive for a balance that respects our home, the earth.  This earth week (as we at SWR just can’t only celebrate one day!) we will be focusing all our social media attention to the ways that integration of sustainability into the strategy and all areas of activity of an organization can help to make that organization flourish. We will be sharing articles, ideas, best practices, and examples from our own community. We encourage you to share your ideas, your practices. Watch our social media closely on Friday as we release a little bit of remote working fun!  Let’s take this week to look at the changes we have implemented in our businesses, organizations and our working lives. And to consider the things we would like to keep, the long term changes to how we work, and the additional things we would like to try to create a new normal.  Join all of us at Sustainable Waterloo Region as we take this week to reflect on the ways we can create a clean economy that allows us to be a truly sustainable community now, and 100 years from now.  Stay well, Tova Davidson Executive Director, Sustainable Waterloo Region