Mariah joined SWR after realizing she wanted to do more to make a difference in her community. After hearing positive things about SWR, she started looking for ways to get involved. Right now she is a year 3 student at University of Waterloo studying Environmental Resource Studies. Mariah likes to keep busy, so additional to her volunteer role and education, she enjoys running and being active outdoors, and teaching others about nature. At SWR, Mariah likes that she has a role to play in the region’s sustainability. She finds value in working with staff, volunteers, and other organizations who all want to make positive changes in the environment. We love seeing Mariah’s enthusiasm and drive to succeed, which is easily visible in the work that she does. She brings valuable insight and experience to the Business Development team where she volunteers as a Business Development Generalist, and was a joy to have in the office during her work term at SWR. As a Business Development Generalist, Mariah is involved in helping bring new members to SWR. Recently she has also been helping revise the business development volunteer training manual for new hires. Her experience as a volunteer and as staff give her different perspectives of what it means to be involved with SWR. Thank you for bringing all of your varied expertise to the team, Mariah!