We arrived here last night and were informed about the Schlossplatz by a staff member at the airport. It is a city centre where they have closed the streets completely from vehicle traffic and the locals call it a green street. Only cyclists, pedestrians, etc can access this place.

We walked down for a late supper after lots of time in airports and on airplanes. The atmosphere is so different in this place with all types of community members out to enjoy the city centre, kids running around and everyone enjoying the cool evening.

Both times I have been to Europe since my tenure at SWR, I have been struck by this European model of closing the city centre to cars. It encourages active transportation, as parking is tight so people walk down to the centre. It creates vibrant community with this is safe gathering place for all members of the community, including visitors. It seems to create a sense of pride of place.

Is this something sustainable that we could learn from in #WRAwesome?