This week on Faces of SWR we are happy to introduce Nick Cloet, who is one of SWR’s longest standing volunteers. Nick got involved in SWR in the 4th year of his Environment and Business final project. His team developed a tool that could help readers identify potential projects to improve their organization’s sustainability. After the course him and another classmate decided to continue to develop the tool as volunteers for the organization. This was an opportunity for Nick to stay connected with his classmate and SWR, while developing a useful tool and being involved with a worthwhile local environmental organization. This tool has been further refined over the last few years and is called the Idea Book. It is still being used today in the Regional Sustainability Initiative! Outside of SWR, Nick is a part-time student in the Master of Economic Development and Innovation program at UW, and is currently working through an internship with the Region of Waterloo. At the Region, he is working on the community GHG inventory and is working on the beginning stages of a climate change adaption plan for Waterloo Region. Nick is excited to be part of local environmental planning through his work in school, co-op, and his volunteer role at SWR. We love having Nick at SWR because he is full of surprises! Outside of his awesome work, he keeps us interested with engaging conversations and interesting hobbies. Word on the street is that he makes the best pickles in town, and he is an artist and aspiring gardener. Pretty much a jack of all trades. While Nick started at SWR as a student eager to learn, we have learned to be the students and to listen and learn from him. Right now, Nick manages the Living Documents for the Regional Sustainability Initiative. This includes curating, editing, and writing the majority of the content in the Idea Book. As such a versatile volunteer, Nick also worked as an E-Score volunteer during the Regional Sustainability Initiative Launch and helped members complete the brand-new Environmental Impact Assessment. We are truly lucky to have Nick as a friend and a volunteer, and can’t wait to see where his work takes him. To see the last profile on Faces of SWR, click here. To learn more about what Faces of SWR is and why we do it, click here.