This year, TravelWise members broke a lot of records for Carpool Month. In just 2 days, 92 new carpool rides were posted compared to 72 for the whole month of February last year. New user registration also went up to surpass last year’s total of 133 in just over a week. The enthusiasm of members carried over to more fun selfies and karaokes submitted on twitter. Some members even used fun filters to enhance their selfies and we are thinking of a new carpool selfie with filters next year! Over-all the response of members and the general public have been awesome!

The TravelWise team went on-site to promote Carpool Month in Accelerated Systems Inc., Wilfrid Laurier University, Sun Life and BlackBerry. We also conducted our first Carpool Month “Drive-Thru” with BlackBerry. All of these members saw a significant increase in employee engagement and participation. All of them are in the Top 10 of the Carpool Month Leaderboard.

We hope you continue carpooling, logging your trip on and tweeting your carpool selfies. We love them! :)Feel free to contact Katie or Arcy if you have any questions or new carpool ideas.